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Should I Go Solar In Texas? Everything You Should know.
Many people know solar can save you money in the long run. But did you know it’s a sustainable, renewable energy source that can start saving you money immediately as well? To find out if solar is...
Renewable Energy VS Non-Renewable Energy Sources
We all use energy each day to do things like power our homes and fuel our cars. To get that energy, we depend on different renewable and non-renewable energy resources. What is renewable energy and how...
The Electric Vehicle Tax Credit Explained [2022]
Electric vehicles have the promise of creating a more sustainable future. They have been shown to reduce carbon emissions as well as some other environmental impacts of cars. But, they can be expensive....
Xlerator Hand Dryer vs Paper Towels | Which Is Best?
Electric hand dryers need electricity to run that may come from fossil fuels and they could also spread bacteria. Paper towels need a constant supply of trees, but limit the spread of bacteria. So, which...
Quote by Robert Swan
The GREATEST Threat To Our Planet Is The Belief Someone Else Will Save It [Robert Swan]
The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it. By Robert Swan This is a quote that gets used very often in the sustainability community, especially in reference to climate...
Electric Kettle vs Gas Stovetop Kettle - Which Uses Less Energy?
An electric kettle can heat water to a range of temperatures and do so faster than a gas kettle. However, gas kettles may cost less to purchase. So which is best for you?
Testing If House Plants Clean Air - Here’s How Many You Need
I recently built an air quality sensor to test the air in my home and I found that it was much worse than the air outside. There is a growing body of research that shows similar trends for homes across...
Eutrophication - How Dead Zones Form and How To Fix It
Every spring and summer a massive green plume forms along the coast of three U.S states in the Gulf of Mexico, creating the third largest oxygen depleted zone in the world, killing wildlife such as fish,...
Electric Cars vs Gas Cars - Which Has An Overall Lower Impact?
When it comes to sustainability, it can be difficult to find information that is accurate and easy to understand. Further, it can be difficult to find information that applies to you.  For example, you...
Arduino WIFI Air Quality Gas Sensor Tutorial
In this article I’m going to show you how to make your own air quality sensor that sends data via Wi-Fi to the internet so you can check it from any device. I’m going to go over both how you...