Adagio UtiliTea Electric Tea Kettle Review 2023

Why We Love It: * Energy Efficient * Low Energy Settings * Stainless Steel* Easy Pour * Large Volumn * Coupon Codes: None At The Moment

This tea kettle has been one of my favorite energy saving products for a couple of reasons, which I’ll explain below. Its also easy to clean since it has a wide opening and made of stainless steel. 

UtiliTea Kettle Review: Energy Savings

Over Boiling Water

Over boiling water is a complete waste of energy. The UtiliTea kettle can help save energy for a few different reason. Like many other electric tea kettles, this kettle will shut off once its done heating water. This means no energy is wasted over heating water. Have you ever walked away from a stove top while it was on and forget about it?

If you’re like me, this has probably happened to you a few times. The stove kettle continues to waste energy until you are able to make your way back to the kitchen. This will never happen with an electric kettle.

Unnecessary Heating

A significant amount of energy can be wasted as a result of heating water to temperatures that are unnecessary. For example, certain kinds of tea don’t require boiling water at 212 degrees F. Instead, a much better brew can be achieved at temperatures around 165 degrees.

The UtiliTea kettle has temperature settings for various types of tea. This makes it the perfect kettle for tea drinkers who enjoy are a variety of tea.


While I wouldn’t recommend cooking food in the kettle for a number of reasons, you could still use it to save energy while cooking. To do this, first boil water in the electric kettle. As the water is about to boil, put the pot you wish to cook in on the stove top and turn the stove on. Pour the boiling water into the pot and it should continue to boil.

By doing this, you will also experience large energy savings.

General Use

This electric kettle will heat water faster and with less energy compared to a gas stove top kettle. Even without the steps above, you’d likely still save a lot of energy

Cleaning and Storing

Since the kettle is made of stainless steal and has a wide opening, its easy to clean. Speaking of stainless steal, the kettle has a sleek look, that matches some of the other items and appliances in my kitchen. I can easily fit it behind my coffee maker, when not in use to free up kitchen space and make the kitchen seem less cluttered.

Other Thoughts

Beyond the energy and time savings of using this kettle, I like the beep noise it makes when your water is ready. It can be a bit loud at times, but it’s not nearly as loud or long lasting as a stove top kettle.  It’s also easy to pour and has a small strainer to catch any potential debris in the kettle. 

The wide opening is easy to pop open and makes it easy to fill the kettle. The spout on my stove kettle can be a bit hard to pop open, as can the lid. If I’m not careful, my gas stove top kettle may release hot steam and slightly burn my hands.

There is a small view window on the side of the kettle, which I wish went down a bit more so I can see how much water is in the kettle, even with low volumes, but this isn’t really an issue.

Where To Purchase?

If you are interested in purchasing this kettle, you can do so here. I may earn a small commission from your purchase, which helps makes reviews like this possible. Check below for the most up to date discounts and coupon codes!

Coupon Codes: None At The Moment

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