Biome is a sustainable lifestyle app that I created to help people live a more sustainable lifestyle. The app is currently only for IOS. 

Biome offers much of the same content on our website, but with one very important difference. Biome has tools that complement our videos and articles to help guide you in your sustainability journey. Biome has various calculators, recommendations, etc, that are based on you. Very often in the world of sustainability, the most sustainable option for you may not be the most sustainable for someone else. In addition, you may not have all of the proper information to make a decision on something. This is where Biome comes in. Biome allows you to enter information about you to help you figure out the best option for you. Biome can also make recommendations on how to be even more sustainable. 

The name Biome is based on the idea that the world has very distinct environments, or biomes, that each need to be treated differently for sustainability. Biome is sustainable lifestyle tools for me.  

Biome Features:

– Sustainability Tools – Customized to You

Some of our tools include a flow rate calculator, Shower Vs Bath water tool, etc.

– Sustainability Quotes – save and view your favorites!

– Sustainability Tips – save and view your favorites!

– Sustainability Product Reviews and Coupon Codes

Find Biome in the App Store here