Force of Nature Cleaner Review 2023: Does It Work?

Force of Nature is a non-toxic, all purpose cleaner that can clean, disinfect, and remove odors without any harsh chemicals. It’s healthier for people and the planet when compared to other green and conventional cleaning products. It will also save you money on cleaning products and reduce clutter in your home. 

Force of Nature Purchase Infographic

What is Force of Nature Cleaner?

Force of Nature is an all purpose cleaner that you can easily make at home with just salt, water, and vinegar.  You simply add these ingredients to the Force of Nature base, known as an “electrolyzer”, push start, and the solution will be ready in minutes. 

Force of Nature can be used as a sanitizer and disinfectant. In addition, its better for people, the planet, and your wallet.

How Does Force Of Nature Cleaner Work?

Force of Nature is a product you have to make at home. Force of Nature uses electrolysis to combine salt, water, and vinegar into a solution containing two powerful, but non-toxic cleaning compounds, sodium hydroxide and hypochlorus acid.

While these cleaning products may sound scary, they are actually rather safe for a number of uses and make for an effective cleaning solution. 

We will go into more detail on these compounds, including their uses and some of the science about their toxicity.

Force of Nature Cleaner Instructions

Here are the 3 simple steps to make Force of Nature:

  1. Fill the base with tap water
  2. Squeeze the salt and vinegar capsule into the base
  3. Plug the base in and press the start button
Force of Nature Electrolyser

Step 1: Simply fill the electrolyzer (seen above) to the fill line with tap water.

Step 2: Add one of the Force of Nature capsules, (seen below) which contains a salt and vinegar solution. 

Force of Nature Capsule Containing Salt-Vinegar Solution

Step 3: Once the solution has been added, you plug the electrolyzer in and press the start button. The electrolyzer will begin sending a small electric current through the liquid to create the cleaning product you will eventually use.

Bubbles will begin to appear within the electrolyzer, indicating the electrolysis process has begun.

The base will start flashing blue and slowly turn green, indicating the process is complete. This takes about 10 minuets.

Is Force of Nature Cleaner REally Non-Toxic?

Force of Nature is truly a non-toxic cleaner. This is not only pointed out within the science and research supporting electrolysis, but also within the hundreds of customer reviews.

In our own hands on test, I found that Force of Nature had almost no impact on raising the level of VOCs in the air. Meanwhile, conventional cleaners caused the level of VOCs to reach levels considered to be poor.

Impact of Conventional Cleaners on VOCs
Impact of Conventional Cleaners on VOCs
Impact of Force of Nature on VOCs
Impact of Force of Nature on VOCs

Actually, to run this test, I had to spray Force of Nature in order to get the smell and level of VOCs back down to normal after testing the conventional cleaner.

Sodium Hydroxide

Sodium hydroxide has a number of different uses, including being used as an industrial cleaner. It can dissolve grease, oils, fats, etc.

You can think of sodium hydroxide as the “cleaner” in Force of Nature.

Hypochlorous Acid

Hypochlorus acid is a disinfectant that is generated in humans as well as other mammals. It’s capable of destroying a long list of pathogens and bacteria.

Hypochlorus acid is so safe to use as a disinfectant that, when used in the proper concentrations, can be applied directly to open wounds and even in eye care

One study even found it “can be used with a high predictability for disinfecting against the COVID-19”. The study also notes how beneficial it is to have a non-toxic, available, inexpensive product to use.

It is, after all, your body’s natural response to bacteria. You can think of hypochlorus acid as the disinfectant in Force of Nature.

Customer Experience with Force of Nature

Customer reviews of Force of Nature make it abundantly clear that the product is not only non-toxic, but is completely safe for those with even the most sensitive issues and needs. For example, Force of Nature is used by people with asthma, autoimmune diseases, cancer patients, as well as by daycares, hospitals, and nursing homes.


Further evidance of Force of Natures non-toxiticy can be found in its EPA regesitration. The EPA has registered Force of Nature for disinfecting and sanitizing use in hospitals, ICUs, schools, daycares, veterinary clinics and more

Is Force of Nature Cleaner The Same As Bleach?

Bleach, or sodium hypochlorite is NaOCl is not the same as hypochlorous acid, or HOCl. So, no, Force of Nature is not the same as bleach. 

Is Force of Nature Cleaner Eco-Friendly?

Force of Nature is a more sustainable cleaning product than most other conventional and green cleaning products for a number of reasons. First, a large impact of any product results long before you ever use it.

This is because all cleaning products contain many ingredients, which all need to be extracted from the earth, shipped to a manufacturing site, processed into usable ingredients, and then are likely shipped again to another location where they are processed, combined, and packaged into the cleaning product you will use.

This product may still require shipping to reach other warehouses, distribution sites, stores, and your home.

Force of Nature on the other hand is made with just three ingredients. In addition, one of those ingredients, water, comes from your own home, so the shipping weight and volume is eliminated. 

Force of Nature also uses far less plastic than most other cleaning products. It does still use some plastic, so it isn’t 100% plastic free, but it can reduce your plastic consumption in terms of cleaning products quite a bit. This is even if you account for the fact that each capsule only makes 12 oz of cleaning solution.

This is all without even mentioning that Force of Nature is pretty safe for the environment as well. In fact, I tried to use it as a weed killer and it did almost nothing.

Does Force of Nature Actually Work?

As far as I know, many other “green” cleaning products are not such great cleaners. Also, simply containing ingredients made from plants doesn’t exactly make something “green”.

Even vinegar itself is thought to be an effective green cleaning product, however, studies show that vinegar may not be able to clean and disinfect as much as we need it to.

So, if Force of Nature is both effective and green, it would have a huge advantage over other cleaners. 

I find Force of Nature to be effective enough that I use it to clean almost everything in my home. In fact, I’ve pretty much completely stoped using other cleaners, other than wet wipes for our floor. Even still, I’ll often use Force of Nature on tile.

I’ve stopped using conventional cleaners for so long that, anytime I do find myself using them, or around someone using them, they smell particularly strong and off putting.  

But don’t take my word for it, here are some of the many ways I’ve used Force of Nature, as well as images to show its effectiveness

Windows and Mirrors


One of my favorite uses for Force of Nature is cleaning glass and mirrors. The company now sells reusable microfiber towels, which are perfect for this exact purpose. 

Half of the mirror was cleaned with Force of Nature, the other half with a leading conventional cleaner. There are no streaks and no little bits of towel left over from using paper towels. I’m not really a fan of using reusable cleaning towels with conventional cleaners because I don’t want the cleaner to stay absorbed in the towel.



it’s a bit hard to tell from these pictures, but Force of Nature was able to clean water stains and other messes off of the bathroom sink just as effectively as a leading conventional cleaner.

In addition, there is no harsh or “chemical” smell from Force of Nature, other than a faint chlorine smell. In fact, I now associate “chemical” cleaner smell with a dirty bathroom because Force of Nature cleans with such a short lasting faint smell, whereas other cleaners leave a longer lasting, stronger smell that reminds me each time how the bathroom must have been dirty recently.

Stovetop Cleaner

Cleaning oil and grease off of the stove top is something I use Force of Nature for often. As you can see, it works just as effectively as soap and water. Actually, the reason I don’t just use soap and water is because it leaves suds behind that can be more time consuming to clean up. Force of Nature wipes clean with little to no back and forth between the sink and stove.



Again, it’s a bit difficult to show on camera, but it’s great for cleaning both the outside and inside of the toilet (I refrained from showing the inside of the toilet for obvious reasons!). Force of Nature is able to clean the inside and outside effectively. Because it also is able to control many viruses and bacteria, Force of Nature is a great product to use here. My wife and I made it (almost) the entire pandemic without catching the virus, which I believe is at least in part due to this product.

On that note, another benefit of Force of Nature is nearly a year worth of fits in a tiny box. This means storing less cleaning products in bathrooms, under sinks, and in closets. Not only does this free up storage space and keep kids and animals away from chemicals, but it means always having access to effective cleaning products, even during global shortages and viral outbreaks.

Kitchen Counter

Before - Tomato Sauce & Olive Oil
Left Side - Force of Nature
Right Side - Conventional Cleaner

I purposely spilled some tomato sauce and olive oil onto the counter and let it sit for a while to show how well Force of Nature works. It didn’t dry as much as I would have liked before showing you this experiment, but still, Force of Nature cleaned the mess with no residue left behind, just as did the conventional cleaner.

Bathroom Counter - Toothpaste

Before - Toothpaste
Left Side - Force of Nature
Right Side - Conventional Cleaner

Again, I purposely put some toothpaste onto the bathroom counter top and let it dry for a bit. Force of Nature was able to clean up this mess and left no residue.  It cleaned the counter just as well as a leading conventional cleaner.

Dog Crate

One of the top reasons I recommend Force of Nature is that it’s pet safe. I use it to clean my dogs create every so often. According to Force of Nature, you can even use it directly on pet toys. 

Refrigerator - Stainless Steel Doors

Before - Stainless Steel
Left Side - Force of Nature
Right Side - Conventional Cleaner

Force of Nature can even be used on stainless steel and doesn’t leave streaks.

Garbage Can

Force of Nature can be used to clean your garbage can, but an even better use is that it can deodorize your garbage can as well. 

I find I need to spray a bit more, which is because conventional cleaners have an ingredient to help it stay suspended in the air longer. However, as I noted above, the harshness and strong scent of other cleaners now reminds me of being dirty and cleaning products. It makes me think a strong scent is needed to cover a really bad small, so something smelly and gross must have been here. 

Force of Nature simply removes the smell. 

Other Uses

Force of Nature has many other uses as well. You can see a complete list on the website.

Force of Nature Can Save You Money

Simply put, when compared to other cleaning products, Force of Nature is the cheapest option per oz, both upfront and in the long run.

Force of Nature sells the electrolyzer, spray bottle, and capsules in bundles. These bundles typical increase in cost depending on how many capsules you wish to start with and how many “extras” you add on.

In addition, each bundle almost always has a coupon code to save a significant amount of money, which I’ll continue to include and update in this article.

While the upfront costs of Force of Nature are higher than most other cleaning products, the cost per oz of cleaner is still less than other cleaning products. That’s right! Even though you have to purchase the electrolyzer, each ounce of Force of Nature is still less than the cost of most other conventional and green cleaning products.

Upfront Costs

Force of Nature - Cheapest
Force of Nature - Best Value
Leading Cleaner - Cheapest
Green Cleaner - Cheapest

Not only are the initial costs near or lower than the competition, but many of these other products are only cleaners or disinfectants, not both.

Upfront Costs

To go one step further, the ongoing costs of Force of Nature is just under 9 cents per oz, making it the cheapest cleaning product among conventional and green cleaning products.

How To Purchase Force of Nature

You can purchase the Force of Nature electrolyzer here. There, you will find a few different bundles that you can choose from. You can purchase Force of Nature capsules here.

A quick note.

I may receive a small commission if you purchase any Force of Nature products using the above links. This commission goes a long way towards helping this site to grow and allowing me to bring you more product reviews and content. I would greatly appreciate it if you purchased any Force of Nature products through those links, but am also happy simply helping to educate people on more sustainable purchase choices, particularly this one.

Want To Make Your Purchasing Even More Sustainable?

If you are going to use the link to purchase any Force of Nature products through amazon, consider doing any extra online shopping at the same time. Then, choose to have as many packages delivered at the same time. Not only does this cut down on packaging, but it also cuts down on the amount of gasoline needed to deliver your products. 

As a disclaimer, I would receive a small commission on each product you purchase, even those not by Force of Nature. Again, this commission would go a long way to support this site through purchases you are already planning on making. Thank you for reading my review and supporting the site in anyway possible.

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