Sustainable Tomorrow Bamboo Electric Toothbrush Review 2023

A bamboo electric toothbrush with replaceable bamboo heads is the most sustainable toothbrush for your health and the planet. 

In this article, we will review the Sustainable Tomorrow Bamboo Electric Toothbrush:

  • What Is The Most Sustainable Toothbrush?
  • How Do You Get Rid Of Bamboo Toothbrushes? 
  • Do Dentists Approve of Bamboo Electric Toothbrushes?
  • How Many Times Can You Use A Bamboo Electric Toothbrush?
  • How Much Does A Bamboo Electric Toothbrush Cost?
Sustainable tomorrow bamboo electric toothbrush

Quick Summary

Compared to both bamboo and plastic electric toothbrushes, the Sustainable Tomorrow toothbrush:
  • Most Sustainable Option
  • Best Oral Hygiene
  • Backyard Compostable
  • Low Waste Packaging
  • Quick Charge Time
  • Long Battery Life
  • Comparable Cost
  • High Customer Reviews

What is the most sustainable toothbrush?

Research suggests an electric bamboo toothbrush is one of the most impactful toothbrushes. However, this doesn’t include external impacts, such as impacts of plastic waste and that electric toothbrushes typically keep your mouth cleaner, avoiding additional dental needs. Accounting for these impacts, a bamboo electric toothbrush is the least impactful option.

Here is a list of toothbrushes ranked in order of lowest to greatest overall impact:

Option 1: Bamboo Electric Toothbrushes

The Sustainable Tomorrow bamboo electric toothbrush avoids plastic waste, can provide better oral hygiene, features zero-waste packaging, and carbon neutral shipping, making it the best choice for an eco-friendly option. 

The toothbrush uses castor oil bristles to further avoid plastic waste. 

Bamboo Toothbrush
Bamboo Electric Toothbrush

Data is very limited on the total impact of toothbrushes and almost non-existent on a bamboo electric toothbrush. Based on the above research study and my own analysis, I estimate the impact in carbon emissions to be about 43.6 kg CO2e over 5 years.  

Meanwhile, a regular bamboo toothbrush with replaceable heads has an estimated carbon footprint of about 0.9 kg CO2e. 

So, how can an electric bamboo toothbrush be the most sustainable option if its carbon footprint is nearly 50 times higher? 

This is where we need to consider the full life-cycle impact of each toothbrush. 

Electric toothbrushes have been noted time and time again to be more effective than manual toothbrushes. If an electric toothbrush is able to avoid the need for extra dental visits as a result of this, it can offset its larger impact.

According to one study, the impact of a single dental filling is about 15 kg CO2e. This means, if an electric toothbrush helps to avoid the need of about 3 fillings over 5 years, it will more than make up for its impact compared to a regular bamboo toothbrush. Other dental procedures have an even higher impact.

The Sustainable Tomorrow bamboo electric toothbrush has another advantage over other toothbrushes that make it the most eco-friendly toothbrush. 

The bristols are made with castor seed oil. This lowers the amount of plastic used to make the heads.

On a related note, packaging is often thought to be one of the greatest impacts of the products we use. However, in my experience, packaging is actually one of the least impact aspects of a product.

Still, even the packaging of a Sustainable Tomorrow bamboo electric toothbrush consist mainly of kraft paper boxes and biodegradable packaging.

Toothbrush box
Kraft Paper and Cardboard Zero-Waste Packaging

As a disclaimer, the electric toothbrush handle does have a hidden plastic core, as it’s required for waterproofing. However, the remainder of the brush is made of bamboo. 

Inner Plastic Core

One last aspect that makes the Sustainable Tomorrow bamboo electric toothbrush the most sustainable option it comes with carbon neutral shipping. Shipping is one of the higher impact areas of bamboo products, so it’s impact is lower still.

Option 2 (Possibly): Plastic Electric Toothbrushes

A plastic electric toothbrush with a replaceable head is actually the most impactful option. Here again though its total impact could be offset by the fact it will keep your mouth cleaner and avoid extra dental work.

Having said that, plastic stays in the environment for a very long time and its total impacts are still not fully understood. 

If a bamboo electric toothbrush is not an option for you, try to find a plastic model that can use replaceable bamboo heads.

When it comes to replacement heads, you can either purchase the biodegradable bamboo brush heads for the Sustainable Tomorrow electric bamboo toothbrush or for the Philips Sonicare, so no need to purchase a new brush base if you already have a compatible toothbrush.

Phillips Sonicare 9-Series Models

Since this heads works with some specialty models, you’ll be able to keep your Phillips Sonicare 9-series models and not need to purchase a new brush.

Series 9 bamboo heads fit the following models: HX9003, HX9013, HX9112, HX9141, HX9172, HX9182, HX9332, HX9350, HX9352, HX9362, HX9363, HX682P, HX642A, HX3211/17, HX751V.

Series 6 bamboo heads are compatible with all others Philips Sonicare models except all Sonicare Essence models, Sonicare ProtectiveClean models, Sonicare One models, and Sonicare E-Series models.

Option 3: Regular Bamboo Toothbrushes

Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plant materials we have access to, which is part of the reason why bamboo toothbrushes have the lowest impact of any toothbrush.  

Regular bamboo toothbrushes are less impactful on the planet than plastic ones in almost all measurable ways (excluding outside factors). 

Sustainable Tomorrow sells these as well.

Still, even though a regular bamboo toothbrush is made without all of the electric components, thereby reducing its overall impact, these brushes usually don’t have replaceable heads. This means an entire new brush is needed each time.

If you are someone who is able to use a regular toothbrush without any dental issues, this could actually be the best option for you.

Option 4: Regular Plastic Toothbrushes

A regular plastic toothbrush has a much higher environmental impact than a regular bamboo toothbrush. In addition, the full extent of the impact of plastic on the environment is not yet known. Researchers never include the long-term impact of plastic in the environment. In addition, plastic will remain in the environment for thousands of years, meaning all of the plastic ever created is still in existence.

I suspect we will only first start to see the full impact of plastic on the environment and on our health in the coming years.

How Do You Get Rid Of Bamboo Toothbrushes?

The Sustainable Tomorrow bamboo electric toothbrush heads are made only from castor bean oil and bamboo so they can be thrown directly into your compost pile along side your other household compostables.

Bamboo Toothbrush In Compost Bin with Coffee Grounds

I first put the heads into my indoor compost bin before brining it outside to my compost pile. The heads may take several months to break down and so cannot “officially” be called compostable, but they will break down into compost. 

Be sure to clean the heads properly before using in a compost pile intended for growing food or that may harm waterways, as there could be residue left on the head.

If you don’t have accesses to composting in your yard, you could try to find other local options. If no options are available, throwing a bamboo head a way is likely still less impactful than throwing plastic away.

Is The Bamboo Electric Toothbrush Good?

Dentist Approval

According to the website, the Sustainable Tomorrow bamboo electric toothbrush is approved by dental hygienists.

Based on my experience, the toothbrush has been great. I’ve been using it for well over 1 year and have not had a single cavity or needed any dental work beyond my normal visits. 

The bamboo toothbrush heads have soft bristles and provide a deep clean feeling. The toothbrush is easy to hold and use to brush plaque off of teeth and gums. 

The toothbrush has 5 settings, each run for 2 minutes at a time, pausing briefly after 30 seconds to let you know to move the brush to the next part of your mouth. 

I find this timer to be super helpful because my mind often wonders when I brush my teeth, so its nice having a reminder. Plus, the toothbrush shuts off after 2 minutes to avoid wasting energy. Some other electric toothbrushes will continue to run beyond 2 minutes and waste energy.

Brushing Modes

The Sustainable Tomorrow electric bamboo toothbrush has 5 cleaning modes: Clean, White, Polish, Sensitive, and Gum care



Your go-to for daily teeth cleaning. This is pretty much the only setting I use. Since the brush is electric, you don’t have to do much brushing. You simply move the brush around your mouth as needed.



Ideal to get an healthy smile & really do away with any surface staining.



Ideal to get an healthy smile & really do away with any surface staining.

Gum Care


Ideally suited to those who have mild sensitivity in their gums



Gentle on the teeth and gums.

How Many Times Can You Use A Bamboo Electric Toothbrush?

The base or handle of the electric bamboo toothbrush will last for for many years, while the heads should be replaced every 3 months or so.

The battery takes a little over 4 hours to charge, but you can get a full 2-minute brush in after charging for about 30 seconds after the battery is completely dead. This means you don’t ever need to worry about the battery life, since you can brush your teeth after a quick charge and then let the battery charge fully after.

On average, I get about 50 uses, or nearly 1 full month, before the battery needs to be completely recharged again. I recommend keeping it more on the charged size so that you get a stronger brushing. I can’t say for sure, but it seems like the bristle speed may slow down a bit as the battery dies.

Luckily, the toothbrush has a battery indicator that flashes after each brush session so you know how much battery life you have left. 

Battery Life Indicator

What Do Other Customers Think?

Based on the product page on the Sustainable Tomorrow website, there are over 200 reviews. The vast majority of these reviews are overwhelmingly positive. I’m always a bit skeptical when a product does not have any 1-star reviews, which is the case here. However, upon reading further, I believe it could be justified in this case.

Before jumping in on what other customers thought about this product I wanted to give a word of caution. There are several other brands that sell a toothbrush exactly like this one on Amazon. While the cost is much lower, many of those reviews are negative, so be mindful when trying to save money.

Most Recent Customer Ratings

With that said, here is what customers think of the Sustainable Tomorrow toothbrush, based on the 50 most recent reviews:

  • 5-Stars: 39
  • 4-Stars: 5
  • 3-Stars: 5
  • 2-Stars: 1
  • 1-Star: 0

Most Recent Customer Positive Mentions

What They Love:

  • Sustainable Option (28)
  • Brush Works Well (18)
  • Variety of Modes /Settings (12)
  • Quality/Design (7)
  • Compostable/Bamboo Heads (6)
  • Pause Feature/2 Minute Timer (5)
  • Customer Service (4)
  • Easy on Sensitive Gums/No Irritation (4)
  • Battery Life (4)
  • Soft Bristles (4)
  • Ease of Use (2)
  • Use of Bamboo (2)
  • Clean/Easy To Maintain (2)
  • Brush Head Size (2)
  • Cost (1)

Most Recent Customer Negative Mentions

What They Don’t Love:

  • Brush Is Uncomfortable To Use (4)
  • Would Like Larger Brush Head (2)
  • Brush Malfunction (2)
  • Comes From China (2)
  • Would Like Softer Brush Head (1)

Thoughts on Positive Reviews

  • As you can see, the majority of reviews are positive.  People are mostly happy with the fact they are using a sustainable alternative to plastic, how well the brush works, the various brushing modes, and the quality of the toothbrush. 
  • Many of the positive reviewers didn’t give specific reasons why they liked the toothbrush, simply that they loved it.

Thoughts on Negative Reviews

  • Nearly all companies have likely sold a few defective products at some point, so I’m not so surprised to see a couple of people with this issue. What is a better indicator of the quality of a product is how responsive the customer service team is on such issues. The Sustainable Tomorrow customer service team seems to handle this issue well, according to customer reviews.
  • Regarding the uncomfortable feeling reported by a couple of reviewers, I too felt this at first. I had never used an electric toothbrush before and the initial feelings from the vibrations were uncomfortable. However, after using the brush for a couple of days, the feeling went away and I no longer experience this discomfort.  One other user reported the same experience.
  • For all of the people that thought the brush was too small or soft, there were more than thought it was the right size and softness. You should decide if such a brush is right for you.
  • Last, I too was a bit unsettled by the toothbrush coming from China, however much of the world’s bamboo comes from China, so I suppose this isn’t the biggest issue. Plus, the company uses carbon neutral shipping to offset transportation emissions.

How Much Does A Bamboo Electric Toothbrush Cost?

The current cost to purchase the bamboo electric toothbrush is $99.95. Use the coupon code below. However, you can save about $10 to bring the initial cost down to about $89.95 with the coupon code: GoGreenPost

What's Included

  • Bamboo Electric Toothbrush
  • Toothbrush Charger
  • 1-Year of Replacement Bamboo Heads
  • Carbon Neutral Shipping

Refill Heads

Bamboo Replacement Heads


Sonicare Compatible Bamboo Replacement Heads

The current cost to purchase the bamboo electric toothbrush heads drop as you purchase more of them. The Series 9 model costs:

  • 2-Pack: $16.95
  • 4-Pack: $28.82
  • 8-Pack: $50.85

The Series 6 model costs are the same as the Series 9:

  • 2-Pack: $16.95
  • 4-Pack: $28.82
  • 8-Pack: $50.85

Coupon Codes

Save 10% using the Coupon Code: GoGreenPost

Should I use A Bamboo Electric Toothbrush?

If you are someone who wants to lower their impact on the planet and have the best oral hygiene possible, a bamboo electric toothbrush could be perfect for you.

The toothbrush by Sustainable Tomorrow is a great option. The charge time, cleaning ability, and cost are all comparable with non bamboo options.

Brushing my teeth is usually the first and last thing I do each day.  For that reason, I find this toothbrush to be a great reminder to keep sustainability in mind during the day. It’s almost become a symbol in my mind of inluding sustainbilty in all aspects of my life.  

If you’re ready to make the switch to a bamboo electric toothbrush, click the button below to head over to the Sustainable Tomorrow website.

Affiliate Statement and Thank You

I may earn a small commission when you use my links to purchase this product. The commission goes a long way to support my ability to provide these reviews, so I would greatly appreciate if you use my link to purchase this product, as well as share it with others.

I may earn a small commission when you use my links to purchase this product. The commission goes a long way to support my ability to provide these reviews, so I would greatly appreciate if you use my link to purchase this product, as well as share it with others.

Either way, thank you for reading my posts and please feel free to suggest products for reviews here!

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